Since New Testament times, much of what was present in the early church was lost through neglect, distortion, or disobedience. We need to realize that the Spirit of God has been at work throughout history not only to restore God’s original intention for the church, but to complete the work in order to present a pure and spotless bride to His Son. We strive to be available for this purpose: the glory of God!

In keeping with the history of the Calvary Chapel (Coasta Mesa, CA), we emphasize teaching through the entire Bible chapter by chapter and verse-by-verse. We desire to know God better by reading, studying, applying and obeying His whole Book that we may know Him through what He has revealed.


  1. Vitality – the grace and life of God permeating all we do.
  2. Authenticity – reality in the life of the individual, family, and church.
  3. Humility – totally dependent upon God.
  4. Quality – pursuit of excellence
  5. Integrity – truthfulness
  6. Loyalty – covenantal fidelity in our relationships.
  7. Fervency – the zeal of the Lord of Hosts.
  8. Hospitality – sharing our lives from house to house. ¬Ě
  9. Creativity – expressing the nature of the Creator
  10. Flexibility – adaptable to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Knowing God
  2. Understanding and applying the Bible
  3. Enjoying worship
  4. Developing personal prayer life
  5. Building relationships (families and others)
  6. Being discipled, equipped, trained
  7. Evangelizing the lost


What is it God has called us to do? To seize our destiny in this life. For each individual to find God’s purpose for their life. This is summed up in our mission statement.


Springing from a vital relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, our mission is to glorify God by serving His purpose to grow in grace and the knowledge of Him (2 Pe 3:18). We are to win the lost, mend the hurt, and make disciples.


  1. To know God and to glorify and enjoy Him forever.
  2. To see true worship restored in all its fullness as expressed by both the individual and by the gathered church.
  3. To rely in all we do upon the direction and empowering of the Holy Spirit.
  4. To help each person allotted to our care grow secure in the grace and love of God, in order to live a victorious life of faith in Christ Jesus.
  5. To teach through the entire Bible.
  6. To ensure that prayer and the study of God’s Word permeates the life of each believer and the life of the church.
  7. To see the gift ministries, which God gave the church, released for equipping the ministries of the local church, so that each person can operate and function in his or her role, calling, and spiritual gift.
  8. To experience consistently the activity of the Holy Spirit expressed through the gifts that He gives.
  9. To help each person grow in personal holiness.
  10. To provide new believers with care and foundational teaching that they might become functioning, productive members of the Body of Christ.
  11. To value and develop God-given leadership that exemplifies Christian virtue (integrity, loyalty, humility, and charity) and not merely charismatic¬Ě speaking ability divorced from character.
  12. To help each person learn God’s principals for becoming faithful stewards of God’s resources in this life and so to enjoy financial freedom, biblical blessings, and abundance to extend the Kingdom of God on earth.
  13. To demonstrate our love for the Lord Jesus Christ through ministry to those in need by providing spiritual and practical assistance where possible to the poor, sick, widows, orphans, and unwed mothers.
  14. To be prophetic people corporately discerning, demonstrating, and declaring the Word of the Lord to our generation.
  15. To see the church fulfill its part in spreading the gospel of the kingdom to all nations.
  16. To relate to each other on the basis of commitment rather than convenience while building interpersonal relationships with one another that go beyond merely attending meetings.
  17. To demonstrate through covenant relationships the character and love of God by serving, honoring, encouraging, admonishing, and caring for one another.
  18. To walk in covenant relationship with Jesus and one another, remaining loyal, and handling conflicts and misunderstandings according to the Word of God.
  19. To build strong marriages and families experiencing righteousness, peace , and joy in the Holy Spirit.
  20. To peruse excellence in all we undertake, to the glory of the One whose name we bear, and Whose name is excellent above all other names, our Lord Jesus Christ.